Robotics Platform

Versatile. Safe. Reliable.

Providing superior autonomy solutions

A platform combining rugged state-of-the-art sensors, hardware, cloud services, autonomy software and support

Thoro Platform


Safe, autonomous navigation and movement of industrial applications for leading OEMs

Autonomous Robotics


Services to help you optimize and maximize the value provided by your customers' autonomous fleets



Unlocking value through data-driven insights and real time support


Thoro is the result of decades pioneering robotics innovation.

If you manufacture products that are used in manual, repetitive tasks, we’d love to talk. Our white-labeled autonomy solutions can make work more rewarding and employees more productive for your customers worldwide. We can help you to develop and scale autonomous versions of your products.

About Thoro

Looking for an advanced autonomy solution?

Thoro builds on the pioneering work of Carnegie Robotics to produce custom autonomous solutions for any industrial or commercial application.