Our Technology

Versatile. Safe. Reliable.

Thoro technology is the result of decades of development in autonomy Mobile Robotics (AMR)

Thoro Product

At Thoro, we're on a mission to deliver the benefits of Autonomous mobile robotics safely and broadly. We have developed industry-leading software and hardware, designed to adapt across a variety of industries and conditions. We sell our software, hardware and support services as an integrated autonomy platform.

In fact, our technology is the world’s first safety-certified autonomy technology, and is used in a leading commercial floor cleaner: the Nilfisk SC50. Thoro technology enables value in environments spanning retail, education, logistics, health care, airports, event centers, and more.

In addition, we have other products, with other partners, in development and slated for mass production beginning at the end of 2022.

Thoro Product
Thoro Product

The Thoro Advantage

Introducing new technology must support business strategy, enable user-friendly product management and service what the customer actually needs. Servicing and maintaining robotics is significantly different from other technologies. Autonomy systems require trained and experienced partners to provide the performance and reliability customers expect. Thoro understands these challenges and can automate any repeatable, manual process across multiple industries.


Looking for an advanced autonomy solution?

Thoro builds custom autonomy solutions for any industrial or commercial application.